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Hoodwill Deck 8.25”

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When I was first started thinking of art to put on skateboards, I initially went into the back catalog and quickly realized this one had to be done

This graphic dates back to 2015 or earlier and is just based on our own slanguage. 

If you’re out thrifting on the regs, chances are you been to The Hoodwill yourself, so You know what I’m talkin bout.

I built everything off the trap and The Hoodwill was a necessary stepping stone for me to extract myself from the matrix, which makes this graphic super special to me.

In 2017 or so My boy Eric Montoy did the original based off my idea and we did nothing w it besides a few shirts and promptly it die.

It wasn’t until I started doing more research that even realized this graphic flip was ABD originally by Randy Colvin for World and by many others since…. 

So is it a tribute? Is it an unintentional rip-off of a rip-off? Can you triple stamp a double stamp?

I don’t have time for these sorts of philosophical debates.

Let me Know when you figure it out   ✌️


Hand screened by Zarosh at Platipus

- Limited Edition of 50

- Hand Signed and numbered by Reezy

- Comes in premium Poly Bag

- Free sheet of Mob Grip + 2 Free stickers

- Various stain colors 

(No, you cant pick a color) 


SHAPE: K7 Popsicle

Width 8.25"
Length: 31.875"
Wheel base: 14.375"
Nose: 7.25"
Tail: 6.75"